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Testimonials from our patients

Dave J.

I lift weights and cycle a lot and have been struggling with some lingering arm and back pain. Dr. Lee has been treating my forearm tendonitis with Graston technique and active release. The pain was so bad before that I could barely lift anything with my right arm. After 3 treatments, I finally feel much better and I am able to exercise again. Dr. Lee also straightened out my spine and my lower back pain is gone. I was skeptical at first, but I'm so glad I found Rockville Chiropractic and sports care.

Stephanie O.

I went to Dr. Lee with the most excruciating pain I've ever felt in my entire life (no exaggeration-- I missed the entire week of work!) due to two herniated discs in my lower back that I've treated on and off for over a decade. He took great care in re-evaluating the severity of the disc herniation and explaining the procedures to me. By the first treatment I felt some relief, and after 3 treatments (which were easy to schedule) I was back at work! I've always been a firm believer in chiropractic treatments, so I was happy to find a good, affordable chiropractor in Rockville where I can receive treatment for years to come!

John L.

Dr. Lee saved my running career! I was training for the Boston Marathon and on December 27, 2015 I felt a sharp pain in my left knee. I went to my primary doctor, sports medicine doctor, another chiropractor, and to physical therapy without any change to my pain. I would try something, take 3 weeks off from running and then try to run. I was unable to run more than a mile without pain and the Boston Marathon was quickly approaching. I knew I needed to find an expert in sports care. An MRI revealed that I had IT Band Tendonitis. I searched for someone local who did Active Release Technique and called Dr. Lee and explained to him my symptoms and goals. He saw me right away and explained what my problem was and showed me how to properly stretch and foam roll. After 4 visits, he had me try my first run. I ran about a mile and a half with only about 20% pain and saw my first step of progress in four months. Two days later I was running 4 miles with only 10% pain and a day later I was up to 7 miles with only 5% pain. I am able to run more, but am slowly coming back to my form of running 100+ mile weeks. I am so thankful to have my running life back. After 110 days of inactivity, I am slowly building my base back to retrain for the Boston Marathon. If I had seen Dr. Lee sooner and tried Active Release Technique sooner, I know I would have had more control over my IT Band issues. Dr. Lee is a true professional and is an expert in sports related injury. Active Release Technique is truly a problem-solver for any elite runner who is overtrained and in need of supports. Thank you, Dr. Lee!

Abrar A.

It was a great experience at this clinic! Dr. Yongmin Lee was very helpful and caring towards me and my family! He also helped my son by putting Kinetic Taping on his leg; which helped him get first place in his Taekwondo Maryland State Championship! (I am very proud of my son!) The facility and staff are very kind also!

Coach P.

I met Dr Lee after having a shoulder issue that no other Doctor in DC / MD or VA could fix and I was in alot of pain. After examining me, Dr Lee told me that he thought ART or Active Release Technique could work for my issue. I didn't know what ART was, but now I'm a believer. After 3 weeks I am back on the golf course and feeling great. NO PAIN! Trust me, I tried everything - Physical Therapy, Prolotherapy injections, Ozone injections, etc... I was just about to go for rotator cuff surgery and then I found Dr Lee. So my recommendation to all golfers / athletes - this Doc can help you! Pat G.

Brian P.

I came for lower back pain and found about other underlying problems. Dr. Lee and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend him to my friends, family, and coworkers. I was a little reluctant to come to a chiropractor but the first visit was well worth it.

Erica S.

About a month ago, I had some lower back pain that made it extremely difficult to move around and sleep. I fairly new to the area so I was nervous about finding a chiropractor and who help alleviate my pain. When I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Lee, he was/is very professional and informative. He does alot of stretching in the area that I had inflammation which I appreciate. I am now able to jog and more functional than I was a month ago. Thanks Dr. Lee!

Georges O.

Dr. Lee is a great sports chiropractor. I had sciatic issue for 6 months. My sciatic pain haven't changed with acupuncture and physical therapy treatment before I visited Rockville Chiropractic & Sports Care. He checked and examined on me and said piriformis syndrome(?) was main issue that cause my sciatic issue. Dr. Lee performed Active Release Technique with spinal manipulation. My sciatic pain is completely recovered with only 2 sections of his treatment. I was incredibly satisfied in his job.

Kurtz S.

I went to see Dr. Lee a few months ago when my occasional back pain had become much more frequent. He was thorough in his examination and after reviewing my x-rays he found that I had some issues with the shape and alignment of my spine, as well as disc problems. Dr. Lee told me how much improvement I could see with treatment and exercise over time, and the results have been as good, and even better in some areas, as expected. I feel much better and I am very happy with my experience. I highly recommend Dr. Lee and his staff.

Caroline I.

Dr. Lee truly cares about his patients. I injured my back on a Saturday and he saw me same day. He took the time to explain my problem thoroughly and walked me through my x-rays. I recovered in less than a week from an incredibly painful back injury. I am so glad I found Dr. Lee. I would highly recommend him and his practice. Also, I loved the convenience and practicality of having the chiropractor and physical therapy in the same place. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lee and his staff.

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